Naast het vervangen van lampen levert Lichtservice Nederland ook de benodigde lampen van de merken:

Aura Light has subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, China and USA. Apart from our subsidiaries we also offer our products and solutions through our partner network around the world. We have a production site in Karlskrona, Sweden, where we among all produce our Aura LED light sources. Aura Group AB is owned by FSN Capital.

Fresh, healthy, ecological, energy-efficient – our lifestyles and standards are changing. The range of products on offer is becoming more complex, guidance and trust more important. We are constantly searching for new types of lighting technology and are consistently developing new presentation options. For our customers. And our customers’ customers.

Artificial light enhances the way we live and work. It brings us safety, comfort and productivity. MEGAMAN® is committed to providing light in a way that is truly sustainable, energy-saving and of such a quality that it brings a positive difference into the lives of all who use the company's innovative LEDs or Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs).

The essential function of a lamp is quite simple: to illuminate. However, doing this in a reliable way is not such an easy task. That is why clients who trust us know that their bulbs will always deliver. We are Germans after all. Since 1948 our lamps have always been created using technology to best suit your needs. We have expanded our product range to include incandescent, halogen and xenon bulbs. And all of this is done with the same objective in mind: to create the most durable and reliable lamps possible in over 70 countries worldwide.

Lampen en verlichtingssystemen van OSRAM vormen de basis voor een prachtig zicht, zorgen voor veiligheid en comfort en maken efficiënt gebruik van hulpbronnen mogelijk. Al meer dan 100 jaar lang is OSRAM "enthousiast over intelligent licht". Als een mondiaal actieve onderneming moedigen wij ook expliciet een maatschappelijk en ecologisch verantwoordelijk beleid over de hele wereld aan en sponsoren wij kunst en cultuur in binnen- en buitenland.